Solar’s first

No more having to keep track of multiple apps and services to find, price and deliver your jobs – Quativa puts everything you need in the all-in-one, intelligent app.

Org admins

Target and improve performance

Metrics dashboards make managing teams easy and efficient with overview features that track individual and team performance. Monitor the number of doors knocked, proposals generated, and more, and spot opportunities to improve and optimize sales.

Advanced analytics

KPI dashboards display stats across your organization, at both the team and individual level.

Create organizations and teams

Build out teams across your organization to create structure and transparency so you can optimize performance. 

Smart features to enter new territories

Strategically expand markets with blitz features that analyze homeowner data and reveal which areas are prime for overtaking, and which areas aren’t worth your time.  

Sales reps

Supercharge your sales funnel

The app’s lead management features mean reps can spend less time doing admin and more time selling.

Comprehensive lead tracking

The app’s built-in CRM makes lead management easy. Record details and status for every lead to automatically share information your team needs to move a sale forward at any stage.

Smart scheduling

Schedule reminders that sync to your calendar from the app.

Project tracking

Real-time notifications keep you informed of every project update. Or search across your team to find and check progress on a lead or a project with the status filter.


Features that close

The ability to adapt is key in those final moments before a sale. That’s why Quativa built specialized features that enable customization and adjustments in front of customers.


Easy set-up

As you collect and input details in the app, Quativa’s platform is running in the background, automatically generating a custom solar plan for your customers’ budget and needs.

Draw custom arrays

Draw custom arrays and demonstrate the solar system possibilities in real-time directly to your customers.

Specialist arrays

If you’re looking to impress a customer or tackle a tricky roofline, you can request high-resolution, hyper-accurate arrays from experts through the app.

Re-roofing calculator

Quickly adjust to your customers’ roofing requirements with features that instantly calculate roofing estimates, and adjust and integrate roofing costs into proposals, loan offers, and total costs.

In-app financing

Easily apply

Using homeowner data already provided, Quativa finds and filters the best loan options for your customer. Customers can review and compare extensive loan options, easily apply with the app, and get approval — all in a matter of moments. 

Resolve stipulations on the spot

Get notified about and resolve stipulations that might hold up your customer’s ability to sign. 

Digital signatures

Complete sales in the home with in-app e-signing.

Sales reps



Manage the project lifecycle

An API-based solution for project management, Quativa’s platform proactively monitors your organization’s pipeline to catch and correct issues and ensure smooth installations.

Timeline transparency

Track the lifecycle of all projects, from surveying to the moment the solar system is turned on. Your project success manager monitors, corrects and notifies you of any issues, keeping you informed of project status at any stage.

Change orders

Don’t let change orders hold up a project. Submit a change order directly in the app.

The installation network

We combined the most advanced vetting technology in solar with the industry’s largest installation network. Our algorithm selects and automatically assigns installers on a project basis to ensure quality, on-time installations so…

The app

From lead gen to install, Quativa’s app consolidates, automates, and simplifies the solar sales process to save you time, minimize error, and increase sales.

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