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Quativa finance options

Quativa is fully integrated with preferred lenders such as Sunlight, Mosaic, GoodLeap, and ACH. Stay tuned for our upcoming financing options, including Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and additional options.

Getting Started

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Frequently asked questions

Once you sign up with Quativa you will receive an invite to our app where you can view all the redlines and installers available to you.

You will be paid commissions directly from the installer on your project. Payment terms are will be specific to each installer selected in the Quativa app. 

Most installers project management software is integrated with Quativa so you and your reps can see project updates in the Quativa app. Owners/admins will also be able to communicate with installation partners for additional communication when needed.

Quativa is an app for iPad and iPhone and will also run (with minor limitations) on any apple computer with an M1 or M2 processor.

Great! They may already be part of our installation network or we can integrate them within a week or two typically.

We like to believe that installers will treat partners with Quativa better due to the collective volume we have to offer. But we are also willing to use our relationships and even legal services to assist in certain situations.

Most of them do currently but it varies from Installer to Installer.

Once you pick a plan and fill out your billing information, you will receive a text that allows you to login to the Quativa app, select your installers, and start selling within minutes.

We will assign an account manager for you to receive training as well as provide in-app videos and live chat support.

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